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I am full of adventures!

In my spare time I build all sorts of things from electric skateboards to wooden pipes. I juggle, join Hackathons, fiddle with blockchain and open source projects. I am constantly learning new skills and trying to be a decent human being. I am also an avid but rather unsuccessful chess player.

I am interested in blockchain, DAO, and how technology can solve complex worlds problems. At the moment I am aiming a little lower and building Dinnerz in my own free time, a fun cooking game to play with your friends.

Black wins in 3.

Solve the puzzle to play against me.

I have the solution No Thank you, nerd.

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Currently working on...

Most of my side projects are aiming at improving how people connect with each other. This paragraph was in no way added to show Facebook recruiters that I am fully aligned with the Company mission. Or was it?

I make stuff without my laptop too.

In my free time I carve wood, throw pottery and experiment with many other materials.
I take orders for custom made pipes, and I have created a 'make your own pipe' kit for beginners. Contact me in the chat for more information.

I talk to strangers all the time.

Don't be shy!