Contrado is a "one of a kind" personalised gift website, with more than 400 products, all handmade in UK. I was lucky enough to see the company grow for 7+ years. As "creative Lead" I was responsible for UX, UI Design and front-end and have acquired a wide range of complementary skills in fields like technical SEO, 3D, product management, photography, analytics, growth strategies.


I've shaped many of the processes related to UX, UI and marketing design deliverables, front-end, user research, photography, internal tools and played a significant role in the creation of a product vision for our web apps and E-commerce websites of the group.


During my years in Contrado I have worked on many cross-functional teams that were formed on project basis.


E-commerce best practices

A very interesting part of my work consisted in optimising the E-commerce website for conversions, designing, prototyping and testing new features by balancing the need of several stakeholders from Marketing, Sales, Customer services, SEO and still maintaining a user centric approach to everything we did. I spent my time iterating data driven ideas under a lean UX lifecycle, using well known UX patterns and reference to the great work of Baymard institute and Norman Nielsen Group.

B2C web applications

PWA and user research

I also lead the user research, UX and design for several web applications of the company. Always advocating for a user centred design and try to balance stakeholder's needs. I kept up to date with trends and in touch with artists selling on our platform, finding opportunities to offer a better service to our customers and fulfil high level business goals. Millions of customers used these applications to create personalised gifts to their loved ones, create collages, sell their art and much more.

Internal tools

The tools behind the scene

During my day to day work in Contrado I have helped design several internal tools used to simplify and maintain many aspects of the business. I have really enjoyed this kind of work as it often presented very complex problems with no straightforward solutions.

Front-end Architecture

During my time at Contrado, Shaping design and code at the same time, I have mentored several product designers and created a solid HTML/SCSS architecture with reusable components that would work on 30+ websites of the company. Ask me about BEM, Atomic design, ITCSS, or the semantic implication of the < SPAN > tag.

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