My patterns


My passion for creating repeatable patterns started in 2006 while I was learning the ins and out of illustrator, and came back years later while working on a textile printing company.

It's just something I used to do on the side, selling my best designs on Etsy, Spoonflower and Shutterstock. I create patterns to support my side projects, for textiles printing or as a backbone for a visual brand identity.

Tea packaging

One of my favourite green tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearls!

Good looking loose leaf teas

One of the best applications for my pattern craziness was to use them in this flexible brand identity for Teapotters UK. These stunning boxes ( if I do say so myself ) contain very tasty herbal tea infusions that you should absolutely try.

Contrado Logo

The old Contrado Logo ( made in 2014 ), was associated with a flexible brand identity, where the "c" shape of the logo was filled with a series of patterns specially designed, with different colours and shades. This was made to create a similarity with our printing technology that was allowing for bold colours, shades and huge tonal range.

My pattern collections

A different Africa

Purple is the colour typically associated to women, and I loved how well it works against more classic African colours like orange and red.I have created this collection specifically to pitch my work to a textile company specialised in African pattern.

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